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What Kind of ROI Can I Get from SEO?

If you ask many small business owners why they don’t pay a professional to do their SEO they will tell you it is because they are not sure that they are getting good return on investment. They take this view because they are expecting to see immediate results and when they don’t they assume it is because it doesn’t work. The truth is that SEO has a huge ROI, but you have to think in the long term.

SEO is a long game. It can be months before you see any significant changes in ranking. In fact, it may take even longer depending on the state of your website at the inception of the project. How old your site is, for examples, matters. Older websites tend to get ranked faster. If you established your website just recently you can expect it to take a longer time to rank. In addition to that it makes a difference whether or not you are already doing SEO. If you are it means that you have made a few dents and it will take a shorter time to get results.

Once you pay an online marketing company you can expect to cash in down the road. Once your website gets to the first page of search results you will leave your competition behind. In fact, getting on that first page is not really the goal – you want to be the first link on that first page especially for local searches. This way, every time a user types in relevant search terms they will see your link first and odds are they would rather buy from you.

This is because that position often means that a business is big enough to deliver and they can be trusted. Yes, that is the other advantage of doing professional SEO. By shining a light on your business it helps to buy users’ trust. Online business is driven by trust – if you are number one users place authority in you and that authority will in tur bring you even more clients.

Even if you have a small budget it is worthwhile to invest some money in a professional who can help you achieve Google dominance; you may not see results tomorrow but somewhere down the line you will be happy that you did.

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